House Dressing/Staging & Real Estate Photography in Adelaide | About Us
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About Us

Selling a Home

High quality real estate photography.

Homes for rent

Professional Photography to market your Rental Property.

Twilight Photography

Twilight, property shoots are very cool right now and, done well, can add wow factor.

Introducing David

Hi, I am a photographer specialising in real estate in Adelaide. I love what I do and am passionate about getting the right photos for the right reason.I decided to specialise in real estate after having some not so satisfying experiences selling my own property.


The first campaign put together by our agent ran for a month and was a failure. When I looked at why, the reason was quite obvious. The real estate agent’s photographer supplied the same pack of 20 standard photos like they do for hundreds of homes each year. There was nothing to make my house stand out from the rest.


So I took it upon myself to reinvigorate the marketing campaign by taking a new set of my own photos, making sure to showcase the unique features of the house. Sure enough within the first week we had significant interest and it was sold within two weeks.


My next experience was renting my house. Working with our agent, we partnered with an expert in furniture staging who supplied furniture for short term hire and set it up to make the rooms look great. I took magazine style photos and needless to say we managed to achieve a very high rent, well exceeding the agent’s original predictions.


So pick up the phone or email me and let’s discuss how you can get a set of unique pics to make your marketing campaign a success. I’m looking forward to meeting you! David (Founder and Principal Photographer.) 0488 048 993

Introducing Ray

I have had a lifelong passion for photography and have vast experience with portrait photography. I am also an experienced architecture and product photographer – for marketing brochures and web sites.

Thanks for reading about me! My objective is to always make your photos unique and stand out from the crowd.

I also enjoy experimental photography, which allows me to work this into your photographic craft to give your images ‘that something to make them stand out from the crowd’

I’m looking forward to meeting you! Ray